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Rebekah Caldwell Mason, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s flame mistress- Photos, pictures

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Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, who was facing impeachment proceeding has finally resigned. The mild mannered and soft-spoken 73-year old Bentley, who was known as a family man till early 2015 has seen his stock go down due to his alleged affair with one of his senior staff Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

The Alabama Governor who was thought to be a rising star in the national politics had seen his popularity go up and up over the years as the Governor of the state. While he won the election for the governor first time with good margin, the margin of his re-election victory went up manifold and he won with the biggest ever margin in the history of the state politics.

His sudden fall from grace has shattered many of his fans, who thought him to be a non nonsense, incorruptible politician.

There is no denying that it has come as a major shock to many as he had looked defiant till Saturday and had expressed his resolve to fight back.

Robert Bentley and his wife of 50 years were divorced in the year 2015 due to his alleged affair with Rebekah Caldwell Mason. At the time of divorce, Bentley’s wife Dianne, cited an “irretrievable breakdown” of their marriage.

The Governor has maintained that his ‘affari’ with Rebekah Caldwell Mason was merely verbal and nothing more. Ms Mason while talking about the allegations fired Alabama Law Enforcement Agency chief Spencer Collier saying, “There is no way that man (Collier) would have said what he did…about another man. He only said what he said about my professional abilities because I am a woman. His comments were clear, demonstrated gender bias…Since 2010, I have proudly served as Gov. Robert Bentley’s Campaign Press Secretary, Communications Director, Advisor, Campaign Communications Director and now Senior Policy Advisor. It is an honor to serve our Governor and the people of our state”.

Till the controversy broke out, she was called Bentley’s ears. “After Bentley was elected, Mason came into the administration as Communications Director. Bentley World has been basically devoid of controversy, which can be attributed in part to Mason’s deft handling of the communications shop” said the report.

Rebekah is reportedly married with three children and comes from Tuscaloosa. Mason served as press secretary for Bentley’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010. During that election, he defeated Democrat Ron Sparks to win the mansion. On her Twitter page, Mason describes herself as a senior advisor to Bentley. She adds “Wife, Mom of 3. Fan of Football. Business Owner. Senior Advisor for a great Gov. Love Family, Jesus and Reese’s Cups. Not necessarily in that order.” Mason’s Twitter page is not publicly viewable.

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