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AIMIM candidates hopeful as 2nd round of UP election 2017 nears

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Moradabad: Asaduddin Owaisi led All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen has risen like a wildfire and become the cause of serious insecurity and discomfort to all the candidates of other political parties. The new Hyderabad-based political party and its four candidates are already showing a strong support in areas like Saharanpur, Moradabad, and Amroha districts.

In these localities the party initiated as many as forty rallies in a single day. The rallies saw huge turnout and this showed that its support base was growing rather fast.

owaisi rally in UP

Saharanpur candidate Talat Khan attended three dozen meetings in Muslim localities and used the power of his family background to improve the bond with the voters. His speeches in rallies had a rousing effect on the public.

Ilyas Tyagi said in another rally that their support is visible in other Muslim localities too. It is noteworthy that parties who are relying solely on the votes of Muslims are in danger of being toppled by voters of other Communities.

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Ilyas Tyagi said that on the governmental plane Muslim community are victims of the lack of peace, respect, employment and better education. The minority community needs to improve representation to improve their lot in all spheres of society and governance.

Tyagi pointed out that while the majority of the country’s population is struggling for two square meals a day, Prime Minister Modi claims that demonetisation is good for the public. All this when the fact is that demonetisation has made the public more vulnerable to hunger and poverty than ever before.

To rectify these problems that plague the poor and minorities, Majlis has risen to offer selfless service to the society, he said. He urged the audience to vote for him and that he would take the responsibility to see to the development of this community. And rectify all of the problems faced by it. (Translated from Daily Inquilab)

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