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After H-1B visa scare, Trump wants to ration Green Cards, cut immigration to half

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Washngton: Things are looking rather very confusing for international travelers, job-seekers and immigrants in the US right now. Ever since President Donald Trump entered the White House or even after his victory, things have started looking rather dreadful for people who have immigrated to the US recently or who plan to do it in the near future.

President Trump, immediately after assuming office, signed an executive order banning the entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations. Besides, he also made vetting process all the more stringent, making people nervous about entering the US.

muslim ban protest2There is no denying that Trump got it wrong as there has been serious resistance from civil society and judiciary. His ban is on hold at the moment.

Nonetheless it has not deterred Trump administration from coming out with a wide reaching bill backed by two Republican senators, which seeks to cut legal immigration by half. The bill comes days after the White House had claimed that it has no immediate plans to add new countries in the travel ban list.

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Reports suggest that the latest bill proposes only spouses and minor children of permanent residents could apply for green cards, bringing the number of immigrants allowed to live in the US each year to 500,000 from 1 million. A diversity visa lottery which grants visas to 50,000 immigrants would also be eliminated. The bill does not affect H1B visa holders.

The latest proposal comes from Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue. Reports suggest that the two claim to have spoken to President Trump as recently as Tuesday. Both are close to Steve Bannon, the President’s chief strategist who is believed to be at the helm of directing major policy. The move also indicates how the far right of the Republican Party and vitriolic, anti-immigrant voices are increasingly coming to the fore in the new Trump administration.

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