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After Azam Khan, Mahmood Madani asks Muslims to stop eating meat altogether

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Kanpur: The demand from the community to give up eating meet completely is gaining currency. The firebrand Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Muhammad Azam Khan has asked the community to give up not just consumption of beef, but all sort of meat altogether.

While many people might have laughed at his suggestion, but the demand seems to be gaining momentum. Jamiat Ulamam-e-Hind leader Mahmood Madani has also asked the Muslim community to give up meat consumption completely.

While speaking at the just concluded Khwaja Ajmeri wa Mashaaikh Chisht Conference, Maulana Mahmood Madani suggested that if Muslims forego eating meat for just a year then all communal groups would come to their senses.

He said that the ban on meat is not a problem of Muslims, but a bigger problem that has adversely affected the financial condition of farmers and businessmen dealing with meat. He added that a Muslim is not afraid of anyone except Allah. He went on to add that patience and forbearance should not be taken as a sign of cowardice.

He advised Muslims not to be afraid of the government because changing the government is the way of God. He recalled the bagahi field of Kanpur, where the conference was being held and which was the venue of revolution during the freedom movement of India.

He said that Muslims should not be afraid of the current situation. He added that if the community maintains a distance from meat consumption then all communal forces would come to their senses because it will have a big drawback on their finances.

This would also make the government realize as to how badly this ban is affecting the farmers. He advised Muslims to stand firm in their faith with patience and not be awed or worried by these changes. They should accept these changes as part of Allah’s plan.

He also challenged the government to close all meat export houses and said that the government would never do it as it is a huge source of income for the government.

On the other hand, he did support Yogi government on the anti-Romeo movement as it would bring down the immodesty in the society. He further reminded the Muslims that they are Indians by choice, not by chance. (Translated from Daily Inquilab)

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