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7 Gau rakshaks beaten by Muslim mob in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar in retaliation

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Mumbai: Gau rakshaks have been terrorizing an entire population from Haryana to Jharkhand and now from Bihar to Maharashtra. Ever since the BJP government came to power at the center, the menace has increased substantially. It has been seen that as BJP grabs more power, with hook or crook, the threat posed by the gau rakshaks travels to those new territories.

Till now there was apparently no retaliation to such threats. With government protection assigned to them, the gau rakshaks have become law unto themselves.

But on Saturday evening, the gau rakshaks were given the treatment in kind, when they were attacked after they stopped a mini truck that was allegedly carrying a dozen cows for slaughter. Reports suggest that several gau rakshaks were severely injured and were admitted to a hospital following the attack.

Police said that the situation in Shrigonda, Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar was tense but under control. The administration has deployed heavy police force in Shrigonda and other sensitive places in Ahmednagar district considering communal nature of the incident.

Latest reports suggest that police, that doesn’t take any interest in arresting the people who attack Muslims in a garb of cow vigilantism, have registered cases including attempt to murder against the 20 people who are likely to be formally arrested soon. Police were recording statements of the detained people and more arrests are likely to take place.

It is alleged that Muslim youth attacked gau rakshaks when they intercepted a mini truck, which allegedly was transporting cows to a slaughter house. The cows were allegedly picked up from Kashti in Ahmednagar district. Trouble started soon after Shishankar Swami (25), an activist from Pune, approached Shrigonda police after they discovered the transportation of cows.

It is said that the tension went up when the gau rakshaks insisted that the police register the case agains the men carrying animals. Police asked them to wait till senior officials arrived at the station. Swami and others were attacked by a mob when they were waiting outside the police station. According to the complaint, the mob attacked seven gau rakshaks with sticks and stones.

Police report said that the seven gau rakshaks were bleeding heavily when they were taken to the hospital for treatment.

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