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5 reasons why Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will win MCD election 2017

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Who will win Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections 2017? The question is on everyone’s mind these days, as the MCD polls2017 are merely a fortnight away. When the last elections for MCD were held in the year 2012, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was not even born.

Nonetheless, it has won two assembly elections in the state in a row. The first was inconclusive and so the state had to go to the polls soon and it gave full control of the assembly to Arvind Kejriwal led AAP.

In an unprecedented victory AAP won as many as 57 seats in the state assembly, out of the total 60 seats. The remaining three seats went to the BJP. Congress that had ruled for fifteen years in a row drew a blank and was completely marginalized in the state assembly.

Now the most important elections in the city state are underway. It will test the popularity of Aam Aadmi Party and its chief Arvind Kejriwal. Here are five reasons why Kejriwal’s party will win the MCD elections and may get a boost in its fortune after the huge setbacks it suffered recently.

Electricity rebate
While not all people are completely satisfied with Arvind Kejriwal’s government in the state and rue the better governance during Shiela Dixit government in Delhi, they praise him for halving their electricity bills. Kejriwal had promised during assembly elections in the capital that he will reduce people’s electricity bill by half for people whose monthly usage doesn’t exceed 400 units. In lower middle class families, this is usually the monthly consumption of the electricity. While during summers, many people see their electricity bill going much beyond the 400 limit, they are happy to be billed lower when they consume less than 400 units.
There is no denying that the difference in electricity bill would have been bigger without the subsidy. People are loving this facility though many curse him for low limits and claim that 600 units would have been much better.

Free water supply
People have seen their water bill go down drastically since Kejriwal came to power in Delhi. Many people claim that the water supply too has improved substantially. There is no denying everyone loves free water and subsidized electricity.

Nonetheless it is amazing that Kejriwal and company is telling people that if it doesn’t win the election the free water and subsidized electricity may be discontinued. Aam Aadmi Party, apparently wants the people to panic and vote for it in the MCD elections.

Kejriwal factor
People largely find Kejriwal incorruptible. This is the reason that despite lack of good governance in the city state, people still love the ‘muffler’ man. Despite the fact that the quality of the governance has gone down, the fact that corruption has largely come down since his ascendance to power has also kept people’s confidence in him alive.
While many people are asking why he no longer talks about Lokpal at state or national level, many people are not perturbed by such questions.

Mohalla clinics
Health services are a major issue for every person. With the cost of medication touching skyhigh and government hospitals being seen as ineffective, Kejriwal’s initiative in the form of Mohalla clinics is being praised by many.
These mohalla clinics were launched by AAP government to provide cheapest possible medical facilities to people of the city. The has opened hundreds of such clinics. Once all the clinics start running, most people will have a clinic within a 5km radius from their home. The clinics offer 110 essential drugs and 212 diagnostic tests to people absolutely free. “This draws a lot of people into the system who would otherwise go to unqualified quacks,” said a government official. After the project started, the government realised that minor ailments such as fever, headache, simple infections, skin rash etc. accounted for 90 – 95% of ailments, which could be easily treated at the out-patient clinics.

Reachable netas and early start of campaign
While leaders of other political parties remain largely unreachable, the AAP leadership is far more accessible than others. It may be due to the fact that many of them were first time elected representatives. As they learn the tricks of politics, they too are becoming inaccessible and are getting involved in many dirty tricks that politicians are generally known for. But still, they seem more accessible than the leadership of other parties in the state.
Another aspect that will go in favor of AAP is the fact that the party was the first major political party in the state to announce the list of its candidates for MCD elections. Others like the Congress and the BJP waited till the last day to announce their list. The two parties also face major rebellion against candidates’ selection.

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