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5 Muslims thrashed by gau-rakshaks near Delhi, zealot police file case against victims

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New Delhi: Merely a few miles away from the national capital, five Muslims were badly tortured by cow vigilantes on suspicion of carrying beef. The five Muslim youths sustained severe injuries. Instead of facing action, an over-zealot police filed case against the victims who were beaten by several dozen cow vigilantes.

The victims’ pleas that it was not cow meat, but buffalo meat didn’t cut ice with the hoodlums who have been given free hand in the state in the name of cow protection.

One of the five Muslim youths suffered several fractures in different parts of the body. While the four others sustained injuries, the nature of their injuries were not life-threatening.


It is said that the five were going to give delivery of the buffalo meat to a shop when their auto-rickshaw was overtaken and stopped by a group of cow-vigilantes. All in a sudden a huge crowd gathered and the five people, including the driver of the vehicle were thrashed badly.

Azad, one of the five victims, while talking about the incident says, “We were pleading with the attackers repeatedly telling them that it was buffalo meat and not cow or bull meat. But they didn’t listen and continued beating us mercilessly. I blacked out soon and remained unconscious for two hours.

He went on t o add, “When I regained consciousness, I found my tormentors there on the spot. They asked me to chant slogans like “Jai Hanuman’ (Long live Hindu God Hanuman). When I refused, they asked me to say Jai Gau Mata (Long live mother cow), when I refused, they said they will force feed me pig meat. I said you can do whatever you people want, but I will not chant such anti-Islamic slogans”.

Like all the previous such attacks by the cow vigilantes, the entire incident of beating innocent Muslim youth was videotaped and spread through WhatsApp and social media.

The most amazing aspect was how hurriedly the police filed a case against the victims while taking no action against the criminals. The police say they had initially filed a case against the victims under Haryana’s law against cow smuggling but were withdrawing it later after confirming that it was buffalo meat, not cow meat. The assault comes just a month after the Supreme Court delivered a strong message on cow vigilantism and told states to crack down to curb the increasing instances of cow vigilantism.

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