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5 facts about 45th US President Donald Trump that you might not know

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Donald Trump is taking oath as the 45th President of the USA. After initially being ridiculed, laughed at and pulled down by his adversaries, he is set to take the oath of office. Despite winning the election, many said he will not be able to become the president. But now here he is ready to enter White House as a legitimately elected president of the biggest democracy in the world.

Here are five facts about the new President.
Immigration to the US: While Donald Trump has tried to lure many voters in the US throughout the primary season and then actual presidential election, he doesn’t have very long history in the US. Trump’s mother and all his grandparents were born in Europe. His paternal grandparents were immigrants from Kallstadt, Germany, and his father, who became a New York City real estate developer, was born in the Bronx.

College: Donald Trump doesn’t come with academic excellence like his predecessor Barack Obama. Trump has an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968

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It was not Trump’s first presidential election: Many people laughed at Donald Trump when they heard that he was set to run for US presidential election. Nonetheless, many people will be amazed to know that he had fought the presidential election some sixteen years ago too. To be true, Trump sought the Reform Party’s presidential nomination in 2000, but withdrew before voting began. He considered running as a Republican for the 2012 election, but ultimately decided against it

Name licensing: Trump has made money not just by making golf courses, hotels and casinos (Taj Mahal casino being the most expensive when it opened its gates in 1990), he has also made money by allowing companies to use his name. Trump has licensed his name and image for the development of a number of real estate projects including two in Florida that have gone into foreclosure. The Turkish owner of Trump Towers Istanbul, who pays Trump for the use of his name, was reported in December 2015 to be exploring legal means to dissociate the property after the candidate’s call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

Net worth: Donald Trump has always tried to show to the world an image that was actually beyond his actual worth. While announcing his candidacy for the Presidential post, the real estate baron said that was worth an astounding $8,737,540,000 (close to $9billion. Nonetheless, no was was ready to by his figures and leading business magazine Forbes called it “a whopper”. Forbes came out with its own assessment about him and said he was less than half of what he had claimed. Forbes said he was $4.1 billion only. On the other hand the July 2015 FEC disclosure reports assets worth above $1.4 billion and debts above $265 million.

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